Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wedding, Myrtle Beach - April 25, 2009

Hey All,

Today’s post is from a beautiful wedding held up in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Once again I was a second (2nd) shooter for CVI Photography. As before these are my shots and may or may not be part of the official photos for the wedding. These are photos that I liked and think that you will also.

The bride and groom were a lot of fun and willing to try anything we asked of them.

The wedding was April 25, 2009. The previous Wednesday was when the fires came onto the national press in this area. When we arrived, the fires had moved farther to the north and did not directly effect us. However as you will see in a couple of days, the fires came real close to where the reception was held.

Now on to the wedding photographs;

Till Next Time (TNT)

Ron M.
Cane Bay Photography


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Valerie Schooling said...

Very cool! I love all the well thought out detail shots!

You should have stopped by my wedding really was rocking! :-) I had tons of fun shooting that wedding. You can see the whole album design here: