Saturday, November 11, 2006

Is VizaWeb Hosting worth it?

I have finally received an email from VizaWeb, just as I hope the rest of you have. For those that did not, I am including part of the email. So far I am undecided on moving.

- >
As you may have noticed, the VizaWeb network experienced a total outage on Wednesday at 1:00p until Friday Morning 9:15a CST. While none of your data for your account was compromised or lost, you would not have been able to access your site during this time. Please accept our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience.

(Parts Deleted)

We are still investigating this outage and will have more details later. VizaWeb is committed to providing you with the best service and features for hosting your business and life with us.

Rick Mueller
President and CEO
VizaWeb Inc.
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If I am to continue with VizaWeb then some changes need to be done. My biggest problem with this company deals with communication between the service provider and the customer.

1. A status page needs to be placed on the VizaWeb website for all of the servers. It should list each server with a status report.

2. When the network experiences a ‘total outage’, then an email should be sent out to all immediately. This email needs to say what is believed to be the problem and an estimate till correction.

3. As a follow-up to #2, if unable to restore by the estimate, a new email needs to go out with a new projected timeline.

4. As a follow-up to #2, an email needs to be sent out upon restoration. This email should explain what happened and what was done to correct the problem.

5. In addition to the status page listed on item #1, VizaWeb each month needs to let us know the status of where the company is going. This could be as easy as planned up grades to the software or servers. This could be done as an email or as a blog style entry on the VizaWeb website.

In addition VizaWeb said that the network experienced a total outage. VizaWeb is host at The Planet down in Texas. When the problems began, I check The Planets status page. All of their connections were good. So just what exactly were these network problems?