Friday, May 16, 2008

Gator Attack !?!

This last weekend I went down to Charleston, S.C. to attend a wedding. The rehearsal was up at Short Stay park. I will include pictures from the event in a couple of days.

While at the park a Ranger came by and told us not to let kids swim at the beach because a Gator was spot. About an hour later we saw some activity over by the beach.

Seen in the pictures below a team was able to draw the Gator up on to the beach and was later taken away to a more 'wild' area.

Just after the Gator was pulled unto the beach.

The towel over his eyes are to keep him calm.
Look at the teeth!

$2.00 to ride the Gator.
Any Takers

Of coarse you have to have the photo team.

TNT (Till Next Time)


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wedding of Becky and Sterling

On 26 April friends and family came together to celebrate the wedding between Rebecca and Sterling.

May they be together forever. I love you guys.

I was not the photographer for this wedding, I came as a friend and shot from the back.

A few of the presents

Presentation of the happy couple


Becky's daughter Sabrina

First Dance

Becky dances with her Father

Sterling dances with his Mother


Giving of the Cake

The happy couple

Together forever

Get a room

More Later