Wednesday, September 01, 2010

PPSC Coastal Meeting

Hey everyone,

Running a photography studio is often a lonely endeavor.  We mostly work for ourselves with little interaction with other photographers.  If you are an active photographer, you should belong to a local photography group. This could be your local chapter of ASMP, PPA or others. They allow you to meet other photographers working in a similar line of work who can understand what you are going through.  They provide a forum the exchange information and ideas that will help your business grow.

Last Monday our local PPA chapter had such a meeting. The Professional Photographers of South Carolina sponsored the August PPSC Coastal Meeting.

The program was titled Packages – Priced to Sell.  Jeanne Richardson of Jeanne Creations Studio in Georgetown, SC. was the host and leader of information.  Turnout was good and we had photographers representing almost half the state present.

Jeanne’s presentation covered instruction on how to come up with a product line, how to price your individual products, how to package your products for profit, and exactly how to conduct a sales session with a demo role play.  She also included tips for sales and marketing.  All this and more along with a fun night breaking bread and fellow-shipping with your fellow PPSC members.

Can your business benefit from this type of information?  If you answered yes, please join your local chapter today.

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 Ron Montgomery
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