Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life interrupted

Hey All,

Life get’s busy for everyone at one time or another. That is where I am at now.

The last couple of weeks have kept me on my toes. Over the last three (3) weeks I have had the opportunity to 2nd shoot three (3) weddings with two very good photographers. The first wedding was with Jenni of JB Fresh Photography. The last two (2) has been with Virgil of CVI Photography & Co. Both of them are excellent Charleston Wedding Photographers.

Because I am only assisting with the weddings, this is not enough to pay the bills. So like most struggling artists I also have a full time day job. Like most people the 40 hours work week is more like 50 hours.

But, if you have been following this blog, you also know that I have been having a new house built. Even though I have not built the house myself, there has been plenty of other work to deal with. The house is surrounded by trees, and we have kept busy removing many of these trees. Some of the trees I took out because they were too close to the house. Others had to be removed to all the power company a cleared area to run the new power lines.

The good news is that the house construction is now complete and we have been given the keys to the house. However, we are not moving in yet. The wife has decided that she wants to paint all of the inside of the house. So far, two rooms and done.

After the painting is done, then we can begin loading the house. We have new furniture waiting to be picked up at the store. Figured we could splurge since the last furniture was nine (9) years old. It has done us well over 3 moves, but was time to replace.

The storage unit is also full. Wow, you collect a lot of stuff over 21 years of marriage. Sometime you have to wonder if it will all fit into the house.

We have a dead line to complete get the house livable. My sister in-law will be having her bridal shower at our house on 2nd of May. Too much to do with too little time.

Just to complicate the timeline, I will be gone next weekend also. I have been asked to assist on a wedding in Myrtle Beach. Will be driving up on Friday and return on Sunday. At least my wonderful wife is understanding.

Till Next Time (TNT)

Ron M.
Cane Bay Photography


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