Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pouring the foundation

Hello All,

I have been delinquent with my postings of late. The whole family has been having colds. The problem is that they do not all come at once. For the last month we have been passing it around. Get sick, get well, get sick again.

But I have not been the only one. Mike over at Tillman Branch Photography admitted pretty much the same on his last blog post.

I have finally loaded up some more photographs showing up dates to construction.
This set is from last Thursday when the foundation was poured.

I will get caught back up now that I am feeling better.

When you look at the foundation layout without any walls, it sure looks small.

Till Next Time (TNT)

Ron M.
Cane Bay Photography

Cane Bay Photography specializes in event photography in the Charleston, S.C. region.


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