Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Craning in the House

Hey All,

Yesterday the house segments were brought onto the lot. Today the crane came in and place the home onto it's foundation. We had three (3) cameras working today. Two (2) of them were being used to shoot the action. I shot over 950 action shoots. This will take a while to sort out and decide what should be posted.

The third camera was set to shoot every three (3) seconds. Took over 4500 photos over the course of the day. I plan on converting these into a movie.

Here are three photographs to start it off.

Crane lifting in the first module

Place the second (back) module

Back of the house with roofing felt on

The crew arrived at 8am. Crane arrived at 9am. The crew had the house water tight and finally left at 7:30pm. They earned their money today.

Till Next Time (TNT)

Ron M.
Cane Bay Photography



Shelby White said...

That just amazes me that houses can arrive on trucks ;)

Ron M. said...


What makes it more amazing is the the house was built 2 states away in Virginia.