Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Is Washington afraid of the weather?

I am not originally from the DC area. Lived here for the last six (6) years. I have noticed that a lot of people in the area are afraid of the weather. They feel it should always be sunny with temp between 75f and 85f.

Two perfect examples. Last Thursday all of the area schools were cancelled because it was GOING to snow. School was also cancelled of Friday because there could be some ice on the roads. I drove to and from work on both of these days. Oh NO, nothing was on the roads.

On Monday it was suppose to start around 4am. Once again all schools are closed. However Mr. Winter decided not to show up until 1pm. None of the road ever had any real problem, mostly slush. The parents were yelling now. On Tuesday the schools gave a little. This time they only delayed classes by 2 hours. At least the children are finally able to go to school and maybe learn something.

The schools should be in the business of educating. What are you teaching the kids when you close the schools every time you see a snow flake?


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