Thursday, February 24, 2005

What are we doing to our Kids?

I hear people say that kids are out of control these days. Because of this we control every little detail of there life. We no longer allow them too go out and explore and learn. They are supposed to get everything out of a book. What ever happened to “Life Lessons”?

When I was young (er), we would go out to an open field that had tall grasses and weeds. A path was opened that led to our ‘fort’. Today’s kids do not have that opportunity as often.

In Florida a 13 year old student was suspended for 10 days and could be banned from school over an alleged assault with a rubber band. EXCUSE ME !! Is there a new type of rubber band on the market? Maybe the have razor blades built in.

Threatening his teacher with what administrators say was a weapon. Interesting. We all know that schools now have a zero policy when dealing with weapons brought to school. If we follow this idea, go into a school admin office and find a rubber band, it is our duty, no OBLIGATION to call the police. We can not allow this ‘weapons cash’ to threaten the rest of the student body.

Is it any wonder today’s kids act out. ?

God save the future.


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