Monday, February 21, 2005

There are others out there.

I got my first feedback.

Thanks Andrew from

Must admit that I did give him feedback but it still always good to know that someone sees what you are doing.

I have been bad at updating my website. I am not completely happy with the layout. Part of me does not want to keep adding content if I am just going to tear it down and start again.

I started the site with the idea of making it a storage area for jokes and other items that I have received in email.

There were a lot of good items coming across and I did not want to loss them all.
Some was funning, some made you think and a few brought a tear to your eye. Because a lot comes from female friends there are a lot that are for the girls in your life. It was what they like.

I am getting ready to add video files to the page also. Glad I have 1gig at VizaWeb.

The next thing to add to my blog is a counter. I know a few people are coming around, now to see just how many.


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