Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Charleston Beach Weddings

Are you looking to have a beautiful wedding on a Charleston beach? Many people come to the Low Country just for the wonderful wedding on the beach.

But before you set up the wedding, you need to consider a few things. Do you want photographs to remember this once in a lifetime memory? Do you want an officiant?

If you decide to go to the Isle of Palms, you just may not get married. At least not on the beach. The Isle of Palms has decided that is consider "doing business".

Perhaps your family is looking forward to a family vacation on the beach? Many visitors have a photographer come in to record the fun times you have had. Once again, this can not be done on the Isle of Palms.

This was taken directly off of the Isle of Palms website.

"No business can be performed on the beach; therefore, professional photography and catering on the beach are prohibited. If you are having the event catered at a location off the beach, your catering company must have an Isle of Palms business license and adhere to the islands' hospitality tax ordinance."

If you are caught the fine is $1,100.

Is this how you want to remember you wedding day?

Until the IOP makes some changes, then I believe the we all should boycott the Isle of Palms.



Go to Jeff Graff Photography blog for a continuation


Bill Nixon said...


Thanks for the post. This is the same idea that I am going to update our site with. I want people to see it, get mad and call the companies. That is the only way we will get this law changed.


Tammy said...

Thanks for sharing this! I more Isle of Palms. That's too bad, too. So many of the people visiting Isle of Palms really love to have professional portraits on the beach. I bet most of them have no idea that they will not be able to have their wonderful vacation captured professionally....until it's too late. I will add something soon to my website to try and at least give people a heads up before they have hefty fines to pay.