Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nikon D700 Lust

I know that always moving up to the newest technology is not the best trend to follow. However when the time comes to move to newer gear, why hold off. One can not complain when a complain when a company like Nikon comes out with such a great camera like the D700.

I went over to B&H Photo and put everything that I would need into a wish list before the camera went on sale. Because of my move I had to move some money around to make sure that I could cover the cost of the Nikon and extras. I have my money ready and went back to B&H and Augh! The D700 was now listed as Out Of Stock. Looks like I am back to waiting.

Just as soon as they come into the store I am ready to hit the buy button.

Nikon D700, I lust over you. (Is it wrong to lust over a piece of equipment?)

Till Next Time (TNT)


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