Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pay Protesting

For the last year we have had a new building come out of a parking lot. The building is now almost done. For the last 8 months they have had protesters on the sidewalk. They arrive around 10am and leave by 2pm. Just long enough for the lunch crowds to see them.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters (MARCC) hire people to due protests for them. If you are around just before they leave, you will see to protest coordinator hand out a few bucks to each. What a scam.

In the protests the claim that company X does not pay area standard wages. However this will change depending on who is paying for the protest and what street they are on. The truth is they protest any positions that are not a UNION job.

According to the MARCC website;
"The wages and benefits you receive as a member of a MARCC-affiliated local are among the highest in the area."

As I got back from luch today, I decided to take a picture to show my wife. HOWEVER, notice the person with the video camera. As I got to my building he decided to start filming me. I figure if he wishes to film me them I should get detail pictures of them. I took close-ups of each and everyone of them.

When I was taking the pictures from 20 feet away, the protesters did not notice me (much). When I moved up in front of Mr. Video Dud, notice how many hide their face If you are going to do something in public, BE PROUD. This only further validated that most were only on site for the money.

First picture just before they brought out the camera.

The video camera is out. See the guy in the middle with the straw hat.

I decided to move up to camera dud. Might as well make it easy for him.

Oh No, you can't see my face. (ps - already got clear picture earlier)

Protesters of bank robbers? They are MARCC. What is the difference.

And I always thought that they wanted to be shown. But look at the guy in the black ball cap. How does that get people on your side?

Of coarse some always like to get their picture taken, no matter what.

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