Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I went out for a walk today at lunch and saw the local police setting up for the President to go by. I got a couple of pictures as they sped by.

The is the Presidents Limo

This is the Press Van. Notice the camera operator sticking out of the top of the van. He is to record all movements. Not a bad job in the summer, but this is no fun in the winter.

This is the WHCA RoadRunner. It is a communications vehicle that provides secure communications for the President. It is always near the Boss. This is what I use to do a couple of years ago.

Till next time



Anonymous said...

Dude, didn't you notice the flag on the limo? That ain't no presidential motorcade.

Julie C said...

Do they use these com vehicles for other people besides the president? I passed 2 this morning that were definitely together, but no others like it around.

Ronald Montgomery said...


Some of these vehicles are also used for a few others. Depends on who, where they are going and reason they are going. So the answer is Depends.