Saturday, October 22, 2005

Seagate SCSI drives failing....GIF at 11

By INQUIRER staff: Friday 21 October 2005, 12:08

RELIABLE SOURCES said that a batch of Seagate drives with defective platters is causing problems for corporate buyers of EMC and HP kit.

The problem, according to the source, is with a batch of Seagate SCSI Series 6, typically installed in disk arrays.

A proportion of the drives are causing problems and when corporate customers contact support they are escalated swiftly to the highest levels.

In HP's case, we understand that customers are asked to sign a non disclosure agreement, and the firm will then swap out the drives without question.

[Monty - Cover up?....What happens if they don't sign, no service?]

We have contacted Seagate for comment and are waiting for that. If it does comment, we will update this article with any further information.


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