Thursday, May 19, 2005

The boy and the Elephant.....

A little boy sees a sign that reads "Easy money. Come to the big top today for details." The boy gets there and there are all these big, strong men all lined up. He walks up to the ringmaster and asks," What are they doing?"

He replies, "If you make this elephant get off all four of his feet then I will give you $1000."

The little boy watches the men trying to pick it up or push it over and no one could do it. The little boy goes home and gets his lunchbox. He then hurries back. He asks the ringmaster if he could try.

He replied," You are quite small but you can try if you want."

He goes to the elephant, sets his box down, and takes 2 bricks out. He walks back under the elephant and smashes his nads. The elephant jumps up and runs. He collects his money and leaves.

Some time later, he sees another poster. He goes back and the ringmaster tells him to make the elephant shake his head yes and no.

The boy gets his lunchbox and comes back. He pulls out the bricks and talks to the elephant.
"Do you remember me?" (shakes his head up and down)
He picks up the bricks and shows the elephant.
"Do you want me to do this again?" (he shakes his head no very quickly)

The boys collects his money, tells the ringmaster to call when he is back in town and leaves.


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