Thursday, April 28, 2005


The day started of pretty good today. Went in early to get the project done.
We were done around 1230. Everthing seemed to be going fine.

However things went downhill when I got back to the office.

My employer was waiting for me in the office. Told me he was onsite for unpleasent reasons.

Then he handed me a letter of dismissal. 7 months with the company. Then they collected my badge and watched as I emptied out my desk. After that I was escorted out of the building and was told thank you. Good Bye.

When I got home, my wife started to make lunch I told her not to be in any hurry. Then should looked at me and aske if I had quit.

This is how I told her that I was fired.

Spent the rest of the day putting my resume back up on the Net.


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Anonymous said...

I did not understand this. Guess twas not for me to understand.
Signed: the person you met at work thru a discussion regarding the Tsunami and Indonesia.