Monday, February 14, 2005

Monday SNOW

Woke up today to find a layer of snow on the ground.

Weather man had said we would only get a little rain. Can they ever get it right?

The start of another work week. Once again little real work on the the schedule. Others think the important thing is to argue over what kind of signs on the office doors looks better. Like it even matters.

Getting prepared for an upper level security briefing. Called in a third party to give most of the briefing. However a lady from a different division thinks she is the only one allowed to call them even when it deals with information she has NO reason to be involved.

Last week she tried to get the briefing cancelled because it was not her idea. That way in a month or two she could then reschedule it and get the credit. I wish Sharron S. could just understand that we ALL work for the same group.

Lets hope we can pull it off.



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