Friday, February 18, 2005


Alternate Work Schedule

Nice little invention to keep us 'serfs' undercontrol. It gives us a false sense time off. I know I work as much time if not more than a straight 8, but I must admit it does allow one to charge the batteries.
Of course there is always another nice item. The Boss also takes AWS. To keep someone in the office we take different days. I get get done the little jobs done at my own pace that normally is not important enough to do when is at work.

I am still trying to learn the ways. I have been at this job for about 4 months. I am unsure what to expect. I am starting a new carreer. I spent the last twenty years in the Navy. Now I am working to a new world for me. It was all so simple before. When the captain said jump we asked how far. Here there is way to many people trying to create thier own kindoms.


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