Friday, May 16, 2008

Gator Attack !?!

This last weekend I went down to Charleston, S.C. to attend a wedding. The rehearsal was up at Short Stay park. I will include pictures from the event in a couple of days.

While at the park a Ranger came by and told us not to let kids swim at the beach because a Gator was spot. About an hour later we saw some activity over by the beach.

Seen in the pictures below a team was able to draw the Gator up on to the beach and was later taken away to a more 'wild' area.

Just after the Gator was pulled unto the beach.

The towel over his eyes are to keep him calm.
Look at the teeth!

$2.00 to ride the Gator.
Any Takers

Of coarse you have to have the photo team.

TNT (Till Next Time)


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